Anyone who has called technical support has probably heard this at least once: "Have you tried turning it off and back on again?" This is standard protocol in the world of technology “help desk” dialog. But not everyone quite gets just how beneficial this procedure is to your electronic equipment. The act of completely removing power from an electronic device clears any errors or corrupted data in the short-term memory of most devices, which could be the cause of a large number of problems. So the next time your cable box, smart phone, computer, Smart TV or even home automation system are acting up or moving slow, try following our step-by-by instructions below for a power cycle; you just may see some noticeable improvement in the performance of your electronic devices. Better yet, if you have the discipline to power cycle your electronics regularly, then a weekly endeavor is recommended as these components where not truly designed to run 24 hours-a-day without a reset every now and then.

Step-by-step instructions to power cycle your electronics:

  1. Ensure that there are not any jobs/recordings/updates in the queue
  2. Turn off the device at its power button
  3. Remove the power cord from the device, the wall or the power management device.
  4. Let the device or system sit for 15 seconds (more if you want the device to cool down)
  5. Reinsert power cord
Turn the device back on from its power button